Owning a yacht is always special. We’ll help you increase the value you get from it - without you having to miss out on anything.


We‘ll find you suitable co-owners and / or club members that can share in the use of your yacht. Yacht sharing ensures a sustainable reduction of running costs and will also help you reduce some of your initial investment. Because we conduct our search according to your personal preferences, you won’t have to limit yourself in any way and can enjoy the use of your yacht as usual.

Regardless of the type of yacht you own or its location, you can create an individual, non-binding yacht shared ownership offer that is aligned with your wishes.

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We’ve made it our mission to find you a SmartYacht ownership solution. Our services are just a few clicks away.

Easy to use, free of charge and non-binding.



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Selling shares in a yacht

A suitable co-owner can help you get back a large part of your investment and will also help permanently reduce the running costs of your yacht. Additionally, you’ll be able to continue using your yacht just as before and will not have to concern yourself with anything.

SmartYacht_Smarter Yachtbesitz_Nutzungsrecht vergeben

Giving away usage rights

As an alternative to yacht shared ownership, remain the sole owner and just share the usage times of your yacht. The SmartYacht Club can refer you to some exclusive club members who will pay to use your yacht.

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Management & Services

Why not enjoy the whole package? Are you looking for a reliable partner? We‘re happy to take care of your yacht, whether you want to make a purchase, require management services or wish to make a yacht fractional ownership sale. SmartYacht can provide you with its professional services to cover all your yachting-related needs.

Whatever you imagine, we can make it happen!




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Register your yacht with just a few clicks and specify the details of your yacht as well as your personal wishes.

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Our team will discuss yacht sharing possibilities with you and will then develop a solution tailored to your needs and wishes.

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Set sail on your quest for suitable co-owners or co-users (club members) for your yacht.



More than 3000 interested parties are actively looking for yacht shares or usage rights. This means they’re looking for YOU!