A route through the Gulf of Corinth


A fantastic route in Greece through the Gulf of Corinth with a starting point in the port of Piraeus is a perfect option for all yacht lovers who like to enjoy the comfort of soft blowing winds instead of rough seas.


Day 1: Piraeus - Gulf of Elefsina - Salamis
The island Salamis is only a few kilometers away from Piraeus and is famous for many battles that took place there. Archaeological excavations and ancient monasteries make this spot really worth a visit.

Day 2: Salamis - Corinth Canal - Corinth
Today a tour highlight is waiting for you: the approximately 3.4-mile long canal of Corinth. Driving along this channel you save around 248.5 miles around the Peloponnese - what a shortcut!

Day 3: Corinth - Patras
The route from Corinth to Patras takes a whole day. So here you have time for the best relaxation on board and an occasional cooling down in the bay of Corinth. If you have more than one week to spare, it is worth stopping here on the route. At the end of the day you will be rewarded with the trip under the bridge over the Peloponnese in Pio and the historic city Patras with many sights, great restaurants and archaeological excavations.

Day 4: Patras - Galaxidi - Itea
On your way from Patras to Itea, make sure to visit Galaxidi. There is everything that your heart desires - picturesque villages, beautiful mountains and countless beaches.

Day 5: Itea - Porto Germenou
Porto Germenou will impress you with magnificent pine forests and olive groves and a breathtaking view over the Gulf of Corinth, which you will take on the next day again.

Day 6: Porto Germenou - Piraeus
The largest port of the eastern Mediterranean has much to offer. Brighten your final day exploring the markets of Piraeus and strolling along the lake before enjoying your last glass of Greek wine and heading home.


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