Mallorca. Tiny island - breathtaking experiences


Experience the adventurous side of Mallorca

Having couple of cocktails on a yacht and seeing the waves disappearing in the moonlight is of course a fantastic feeling. But how about relieving your stay with something really unique and sensational? Mallorca offers plenty of activities to do and new things to try suitable for everyone. Here are some crazy suggestions to brighten your stay on this beautiful island.


Along the coast in a fabulous Formula One car

One of the most unique attractions that you need to try is Formula One Race in Peguera. Get from your yacht on a car and experience 2,5 hours long ride through the stunning landscapes along the coast on one of those famous cars from Formula One. All necessary equipment is included, all you need to bring with you is lust for new experiences, that we promise, you will never forget!


Swimming with sharks

If your heart desires some thrilling and exclusive experience, go deep diving with sharks in the Europe’s largest shark tank at Palma Aquarium (if you dare!). The tank is filled with 3.5 million litres of salt water where you will have possibility to swim with six 2.5 meter-long sand tiger sharks and four sandbar sharks. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your body and enjoy being in the company of one of the most awe-inspiring of all marine creatures.


Jump from a cliff

Let all your stress go away - jump off a cliff in clear-blue water. The qualified professionals at Experience Mallorca will help you to make it happen guiding you through the 4-hour coasteering adventure including cliff jumping, exploration of sea caves and abseiling, together with admiring the gorgeous views around.


See Mallorca from the top

To enjoy the beauty of the island from very top, take a fantastic helicopter tour with Balearic Helicopters. The best thing in this adventure - you decide where to fly and helicopter will take you there. Fly above the picturesque coastline, do a picnic on the top of the mountain, see homes of many celebrities living on Mallorca - it’s up to you. This trip will definitely make your stay unforgettable!

When do you come aboard?

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