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Enjoy Exclusive Holidays This Summer

Want to spend this summer travelling the Mediterranean in ultimate luxury, taking advantage of crewed yachting holidays that cost a fraction of a typical charter? At SmartYacht we are always thinking about how we can better serve you - that’s why we have our flexible yacht share schemes and club membership, offering a more flexible approach to yachting. However, this year we have taken it one step further, for a limited time only cutting joining fees from our SmartYacht Club to make it even more accessible for all our yacht lovers. Discover how our 3-month free trial could make this summer the best one yet below, or, if being a yacht owner is your dream, check out the current yacht co-ownership listings on our website.


Get a taste of our flexible yacht share and Club Membership options for even less…

What’s included in the SmartYacht Club Trial Membership? 

Your 3-month free membership allows you access to our exclusive online auction site, where we post crewed yachting holidays at reduced prices. These trips take place all over the Mediterranean, from Croatia’s dazzling Adriatic coast to the lively Balearics. You set your price, so will never end up paying more than you wanted to, and put an offer on a vacation based on the time and place that suits you. If you are successful, all you need to do is eagerly await your escape!

This summer we will have over 20 auctions running, meaning you are sure to the perfect one for you. And with new slots, yachts and destinations added regularly, there is no need to worry if you don’t immediately see one you love. There’s no limit to the number of holidays you can bid for, so why not spend this summer exploring all of the Med’s most beautiful spots?


What happens after my trial finishes?

That is completely up to you! If you decide that the 3 months did not benefit you then you are free to walk away. However, if you do enjoy it, you can purchase the standard Club Membership for just €490 for a year and continue taking advantage of all our fantastic holiday auctions. Alternatively, you could try our Premium Yacht Timeshare Membership, giving you usage rights to your favourite yacht for three years, for up to six weeks per year. Perfect for those looking for something in between yacht ownership and chartering, and a much more cost effective solution than both, priced at €34,900 all in (plus any running costs while you’re onboard). Or, you may wish to purchase one of our lifetime yacht share opportunities, giving you all the pleasures of yacht ownership but with none of the hassle. We take the unnecessary expense out of yachting to make it even more enjoyable.


Reasons to give it a try

  • Get access to crewed yacht holidays for so much less - take advantage of incredible membership savings

  • Beginners can try out yachting without a huge financial commitment

  • Temporarily avoid the usual €490 joining fee

  • Explore the beautiful Mediterranean coast by boat - the best way to see it

  • Make 2019 a summer to remember!

For more information on yacht share or Club Membership, get in contact with a member of our expert team today.